How to Install GMapsScraper Chrome Extension?

1. Download GMapsScraper

Click the download button to download the GMapsScraper package.

Download (2.3.7 version)

2. Unzip the zip file

Here is an example of the current version

After downloading the installation package, it is a zip file, then unzip it, and finally get a folder.

G Maps Scraper

3. Enable developer mode

① Open Google Chrome, enter in the address bar: chrome://extensions ; or click to enter from the interface (as shown in the figure below).

G Maps Scraper

② Click the switch button to open the developer mode

G Maps Scraper

4. Select the GMapsScraper folder

Click the Load unpacked button, select the GMapsScraper folder, and see the interface shown in the figure below, and it's done.

G Maps Scraper G Maps Scraper